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How to Migrate Mailbox from GroupWise to MS Outlook PST file?

Technical Wizard for GroupWise Email Migration to MS Outlook PST

We are professional technocrat, after very long research make safe email migration software for GroupWise that allows to successfully migrate or move your mailboxes from Novell GroupWise to MS Outlook mailbox without any data loss. Our technical export always helps you if you have face any problem during Migration of GroupWise Emails to Outlook.

How to Migrate GroupWise Mailbox to Outlook PST file?

Run GroupWise to Outlook Migration software and follow to given wizard to successfully migrate your GroupWise Mailbox to Outlook PST format. Which is following-

Add GroupWise Mailbox

GroupWise To Outlook  Migration tool allow to add GroupWise mailbox through 5 different ways which is following –

  • Default login: – It includes your default GroupWise mailbox into GroupWise To Outlook’= and then you can process it.
  • Online Login: – It is used to include desire mailbox by providing authentication information of the desire GroupWise mailbox.
  • Online Login including Proxy mailboxes: – It is used to include multiple mailboxes. if you want to add multiple mailboxes using one proxy user select this option Include Proxy.
  • Cache mailbox login: – It is used to include cache mailboxes which are stored in your local computer, by providing path and authenticate information.
  • Remote login: – It is used to include your remote mailbox which is stored in your local system, by providing path and authentication information.



1. There are three ways to migrate from GroupWise to MS outlook.

  • First option go to the File Menu and click on the export in outlook PST option.
  • Second option go to the Tool Bar and click on the export in PST option.
  • Third option right click on folder list and click the export in outlook option.


2. After click on Export in Outlook PST option wizard will be open.

  • Is Select Sub Folder – When you check this option click on any check box in folder list then all child folder automatically will be selected or UN-selected.
  • If this option UN-selected then you can click on any folder in folder list then particular folder will be selected or UN-selected.


3. After click on next button the Filter page will be shown. There are two options in Filter item

A. Message Filter – Select the item type which you want to save.

B. Message Date Range – If you want to Message Filter according to date then select Date Range.

There are six ways to Filter date as mention below :-
Last 7 days
Last 30 days
Date equal to
Date before
Date after
Date between


4. After click on next button Export page will be shown.

There are two ways to Export items in PST.

  • First if you want to export item in PST by existing PST then check Export on Existing PST option.
  • Second if you want to export item in PST by creating new PST file then check Export and Create New PST File option.
  1. Apply password to protect PST file.
  2. You can create Unicode/non-Unicode PST file.
  3. Split PST file size between 100 MB and 51200 MB or 1 GB to 50 GB.


5. After click on next button Status will be shown.

The Status wizard shows Folder Name, Item Count, Filtered Items, Process Item and status in this report.

  • Skip Process button – If you want to skip any folder processing then click on the skip process button. Skip process stops current running folder process and then renaming folder will be processed.
  •  Cancel/Stop button – If you click on cancel/stop button all process will be stopped.
    After complete work finish button will be activated.